Relativity and the ideas of Time

2d00c-multiverseThe idea of time was born right from man first observed sunrises and sunsets. This idea of measuring the fourth dimension as specific intervals by dividing it into parts was an idea that was born in our minds millions of years ago, but at that time we had no idea about what time really is, we just taught it as a set of units to measure the passage of events in nature. But now time has turned out to be a whole new unabsolute dimension rather than a set of absolute units of measurement. This realisation that time has a solid place in the laws of this universe paved the way for the birth of many science fiction ideas. The most important amoung them is time travel. The idea of time travel got to the peak of its popularity with H.G.Wells’ novel ‘The Time Machine’. This topic was further debated amoung physicists. There till was a doubt whether time travel is a reality but it was with the introduction of Einstein’s theory of Relativity that time became an entity that we can alter to a certain extent but that never violated the fact that time never flowed backwards. The process that occurs in relativity is called time dilation it occurs when we travel near superluminal speeds. Our time will begin to slow down relative to the things outside the travelling object. This makes time unabsolute, everyone can have their own measure of time and it is not necessary that it should agree with another observer. This effect was not conformal but evidences can be found, like the particles showered by gamma rays hitting the earth’s atmosphere. They may sometimes travel at superluminal speeds reaching down the atmosphere even before it ever hit it. But the problem is that our equipments are not sensitive enough to detect the features of the particle that came down and identify it’s dual still rushing down the atmosphere. But there are also other more valid proofs for time dilation, in an experiment two atomic clocks with measuring the same time was setup and one was mounted on a rocket made to travel around the earth at very high speeds while the other was held stationary at earth. After the one reached it was observed that the one which travelled around the earth measured less time than the one that remained stationary. This is also as same as Einstein’s imaginary twin paradox in two twins one staying stationary on earth and the other travelling near the speed of light. When the twin reached back from the journey it was observed that he was younger than his twin brother. In fact the process of time dilation has widened the difference between the magnitude of time of the two twins

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