NASA reveals that Europa holds liquid water and may be even the basic ingredients for life


It was during the last weekend that I came to know that NASA is holding a media conference this Monday to reveal some breaking discoveries by the Hubble Space Telescope about Jupiter’s moon Europa. Then it doesn’t take much more than a simple guess to know what it would be about, either water or signs of life these are the two things that we wish the most to see on Europa.

But unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough to detect any signs of life but we detected a lot of water getting sprayed off to space from this icy moon’s interior through cracks in its crust. That is a very important discovery as liquid water is one of the most important ingredient for life as we know it to exist as here on earth.

This discovery confirms the existence of an underground saline water world on Europa but we cannot say anything about life untill we sent a probe to go there and study this mysterious moon up-close, says NASA scientists.

And that too is underway with NASA planning its Europa Exploration Mission to be launched within the next 3-4 years.

Even though if Europa is not the only planetary body in this solar system speculated to have a subsurface ocean, as of our current knowledge about these bodies, Europa proves to be the most probable place for life to exist inside the solar system.


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