The Difference Between Academic Science and Real Science


Today we had a discussion among the Futurestica crew about the difference between real science and the science we study at schools.

“Is it so necessary to study science?” – this is a question most probably asked by students who are frustrated by the fierce looking equations, definitions and diagrams that fill their textbooks.

While academic studies in most cases, teaches us the process of mugging up of facts, they are really diverting the students away from the vast and eternal world of science which unlike academic textbooks, gets less & less frustrating and more & more interesting as we go deeper & deeper into reality.

I am not taking about all the academic systems in this world, even though some of them guide students through the right path, most of the educational systems around the world fails to make the students understand that science is something beyond the equations and definitions that they see in their textbooks.

Once Dr. Michio Kaku, one of the leading theoretical physicists in the present era said in a show that the modern educational system is one of the worst ever. (You can watch the video here: ).

So what has changed a lot from that time when our ancestors in the forests pursed for better understanding of nature which enabled them to create stone tools, harness fire, grow crops and many other intelligent practices which separated us from other animals and gave birth to this mighty civilization, and made us what we are now. It is that curiosity and tendency to explore nature and decode its secrets that fuelled human evolution and gave birth to our present day science and technology.

But that curious nature have started to fade away from a significant part of the population. So if our curiosity was the thing that fuelled our evolution then the question that arise is, “Have human beings stopped evolving?”

We will discuss that in the next post.

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