Will Technology Take Over Human Evolution?

pexels photo 51415 large1

We human beings, even if cannot be called a the most perfectly evolved species it can be called a very efficient evolved one on this planet, our technological arsenal is growing day by day and we have proved to be able to survive the most harshest environments on land, sea, air and of course on space all not because of our biology but because of our technology.

Technology has been an inevitable part of human life or else it can be said that technology has got integrated with the human species. It is clear that without technology or the ability to create these technologies we humans will be a very easy prey in the ecosystem. The fear of predators would have driven us back to the tree tops, We would have never walked upright (apart from the partially upright apes, the gorillas and chimpanzees).

It was our ability to create technology that made the ground a safe place for us to roam, otherwise we humans who are slow moving, having very less hearing capacity, eyesight and the sense of smell as compared to other animals would have very easily be eaten up.

Now that’s all ancestral things. So, what has happened now?

Technology or the ability to create technology has developed into a part of the human species. It is in our blood, in our DNA. And what else we humans have been for years trying to integrate our biology with our technology and by now, we have been successfully replacing organs like the eye, ear, pancreas and even the heart with their more efficient mechanical replicas which has given life to many people.

So what is the future? As these mechanical parts grow more efficient and powerful and because that the process of evolution tend to make all species fitter and fitter by time. Then will technology take over our human evolution?

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