The History of Humanity, A Record of Giant Leaps

rocket launch space discovery large

Humanity have came across many giant leaps in its past and also have to come across many in its future. Starting from the first one, thousands of years ago our first ancestors, the upright apes of south-western Africa began to spread out into neighboring continents. It was not a very easy task they have to cross high mountains, rivers and deserts. But it was not until they found this barrier which is seemingly impossible to cross, the ocean. Most of them believed that it is the edge of the world and the flat plane of the world ends at the horizon, but it was never the end. We came across it, crossed the oceans to find new worlds and new cultures.

By the conquering of the oceans humanity achieved the goal of spreading across the entire globe. But there too we didn’t find an end. We looked up to the skies, somehow the shining white clouds attracted us and evoked in a desire to conquer the sky, a desire which has been sleeping inside us for a long time. Then we took to the skies and felt the clouds but realized that we can’t touch the stars.

Then, it was the time of a great revolution in the history of humanity, to get out to space, to reach the moon, the planets and the stars.

We successfully landed on the moon but everyone knew that it was just a beginning. We have sent probes into the vastness of space even beyond our solar system, when they clicked the pictures of earth we realized that our home planet is just a pale blue dot in the vast cosmic background.

So after the moon, our next big destination is mars. The red planet named after the roman god of war, a very unforgiving place. But nothing could ever stop the expansion of this great species.

As Elon Musk, the Founder and CEO of SpaceX, who is hoping to sent humans to mars in the coming decades said, “Humanity is looking forward for it’s next giant leap, to be an interplanetary species”.


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