The Quest for a Theory of Everything

What really is a Theory of Everything (ToE)?

Well, talking about the ToE, I would like to say that it is the grandmaster of all theories, a theory that stands above all other scientific theories in all aspects.

Some people call it a theory of quantum gravity, others call it a unified theory. No matter what name we give to it, what it really is that, it is a set of laws or as Einstein put it up, “An equation not more than an inch long which could explain all possible phenomena in this universe”. During the last decades of his life Albert Einstein was working on such a theory but he was unfortunate in completing it as he died on 1955 at an age of 76.

But from then the need for a ToE has exploded in the scientific community, many scientists like Dr. Michio Kaku, Prof. Stephen Hawking, Abdus Salam have been moving into the search for such a theory.

The most supported path towards achieving such a theory is the unification of the four fundamental forces of nature, the grand unification. That process developed without many problems in the beginning, the two nuclear forces and the electromagnetic force was unified successfully, it was a major breakthrough in the search for a unified theory that Abdus Salam received the Nobel Prize for physics for the same.

Then what held us back in achieving a unified theory? It is gravity, the weakest and the most abundantly encountered force at normal scales in our universe, it is a radically different force when compared to the other forces.  The main difference is that while all the other forces are attractive and repulsive, gravitational force is only attractive.

So what scientists now see is only a pattern, if the temperature of our universe is raised to near the ones just after the big bang we could unify the electromagnetic force with the weak nuclear force, raise it much more and we could unify the electro-weak force with the strong nuclear force. So, at present what scientists could do is just to hope that at even larger temperatures the electro-nuclear force combines with the gravitational force creating a unified super-force.

But is there any way to explain and formulate that super-force, wait a few days and I will explain it in my next blog post.


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