Why Do Humans Believe In Supernatural Entities?

We humans are a very curious species, we try to understand and explain almost everything that we see around us.

Its sure that it was this nature of our species that separated us from the others.

But in the whole timeline of human evolution which stretches over 200,000 years we have came across countless number of unexplainable phenomena, which have always made us wonder.

It is a proven fact that we humans tend to turn towards supreme intelligences when we face such seemingly unexplainable problems. That’s completely natural because we all know that if we see something unexpected in nature, the first realization that comes to our mind is that we don’t completely understand it, which means that there is something going on which is outside our knowledge. This is what makes us believe that there may exist something supernatural.

So finally what we could understand is that supernatural believes evolves in us not as a product of our ability to completely understand the world around us but as a product of our inability to explain mysterious phenomena.

We believe in god not because that we have any proof for it’s existence but that we don’t have any proof for answering other mysterious questions like, How did our universe begin? or How did life originate?

That’s what Albert Einstein tells, “Notions such as the will of god and afterlife are for the fears or absurd egoism of feeble souls”.


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