Human beliefs and complexities.

As a species, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to find meaningful patterns in the world around us and to make causal inferences. We sometimes, however, see patterns and causal connections that are not there, especially when we feel that events are beyond our control. Most of us compare ourselves to others. Mass media beams in the finest looking, richest, and most talented people into our lives. An inferiority complex is a general feeling of not being ‘up to the mark’.  We all have a natural inclination to give more weight to evidence that supports what we already believe and ignore evidence that contradicts our beliefs. We all believe in something that is real, but when it is not there we still believe it is there. Knowledge that you might sometimes compare unfavourably to others may just be insight and perception. It’s crazy to try to pretend that we are all as good as each other in all ways. 

  1. Emotional thinking is always sloppy, so tighten it up to make it less emotional. There are close to seven billion people on this planet
  2. Inferiority complexes thrive on people wanting to be someone they’re not. This doesn’t mean we have to limit ourselves as to what we can do, but it does mean that we can get by much better when we don’t try to be someone else.
  3. If you feel inferior, imagine for a moment how you’d need to be to not feel inferior. What would you need to look like, to own, to be doing? Now reflect: Would all of that really be you? Or a black crow posing as a white crane. 

You are much more likely to forget about comparing yourself to others when you live your life in a sustainable way that utilizes your real core character strengths, values, and personal ideas. None of the above should indicate that all the theories are false. Some may indeed turn out to be true. The point is that some individuals may have a tendency to find such theories attractive. The point that make difference is that when you  believe your reality is more superior than others. 


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