Transcendence Magazine January Issue

The 4th issue of the Transcendence Monthly Magazine is released,


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One thought on “Transcendence Magazine January Issue

  1. Life is about living. When money and profits are overvalued, people, labor, truth, reality, AND nature/natural experience are devalued. This is a huge problem that is worsening. NASA refuses to reply to the following:


    Mission rip-off: You are never actually and really ON “Mars”. Consider what is REALLY MARS, and learn to think for yourselves.

    Outer space involves full inertia, and it is FULLY INVISIBLE (and black). Notice that there can be NO direct/FULL/real/true/actual experience of outer space AS IT IS (at all). Outer space entirely and immediately destroys and precludes us and what would otherwise be/constitute our experience of it. SO, importantly and comparatively, FULL INERTIA (outer space) involves NO EXPERIENCE. Outer space has been referred to as “our cosmic habitat”. How does a person’s habitat totally kill and preclude its inhabitants? Outer space is the total opposite of our habitat.

    The same thing applies to “Mars”. Can you ever experience Mars AS IT IS? NO, YOU CAN’T. If you were to attempt to experience Mars (seen, felt, AND touched), you and all of your experience would be precluded AND permanently eliminated/destroyed. So, if you pump in air on a section of what you think is then really “Mars”, you are not experiencing Mars; as it is impossible for you to truly, actually, and really experience Mars (at all, AS IT IS). So, you then have a totally unnatural, fabricated, and totally bizarre experience THAT YOU HAVE TOTALLY CREATED/MANUFACTURED. Is life that fundamentally and truly miserable as it is here on Earth !??!

    It is clearly proven/demonstrated that this “mission” should not proceed.

    Stand up and look down at the Earth/ground. This involves FULL GRAVITY and FULL EXPERIENCE, with FULL DISTANCE in/of space as it is seen, felt, AND touched. That is what is called ACTUAL reality.

    The body is fully visible, and the Earth/ground is fully visible. The eye is invisible, and the space around us is invisible. (The eye is the body.) The ultimate unification (AND understanding) of physics/physical experience/physical reality balances being and experience. There is no getting around this. Truth, reality, and nature/natural experience go hand in hand.

    By Author Frank DiMeglio
    (The world’s leading theoretical physicist)


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