Three years ago (in 2014), we were just high school students. We used to normally come to school and ask within ourselves many curious questions mostly inspired by sci-fi movies like ‘Star Trek’, ‘The Time Machine’, ‘War Of The Worlds’ and even more.

We would as something like, “Windmills can generate electricity, so why can’t it be used in car wheels?” or like, “Electric eels can produce electric currents strong enough to paralyze a human, so why don’t we keep some in our aquarium to light our home?” and even more ‘seriously’ funny things.

We started by designing cars, our aim was to create a mechanism that could run a car forever by using energy in a cyclic manner (that was a time when we doesn’t even know the laws of thermodynamics), that were all childish fantasies (even though not impossibilities) which remained forever as writings and drawing in our notebooks.

As time passed we became more realistic. Our curiosity and passion to explore shifted to much more realistic things which are currently in global scientific discussions like a theory of everything, space travel, higher dimensions and even wormholes and time travel, we began to understand the real science behind them and learned to sort out the impossible from possible.

And from there was born the Futurestica Blog. We first started in 2014. Our aim was to share our views about topics like time travel, alien life and space travel. From there we expanded to our present form, the FCA Enterprises.