This universe is a vast place no one really know how large it is or what all it contains and in it our Earth is as Carl Sagan said ‘just a pale blue dot in the vast cosmic background’.

Before wondering about the cosmos just wait a moment and think about how things were about 100,000 years ago, we humans were just a few scattered groups of the primitive members of the ‘Homo’ genus. And thousands of years after that we have conquered all land but the world beyond the ocean still remained a mystery.

We did not quit, many of our brave explorers showed that our world is much vaster that what we expected it to be and by the time of the Wright brothers, the time when we took to the skies, literally the opposite happened, the technology of flight actually shrunk the world and made it appear smaller than what it actually is because now almost anyone could go around the world in just more than a day, a feat that took years to be completed in the past.

And now we are again presented with a more or less similar barrier separating us and the other ‘new worlds’, the seemingly endless ocean of space. And in the near-future history will repeat we humans will set foot on new worlds and in the far-future we may even encounter new beings and new civilizations because after all that’s how universal dynamics work, that’s how life evolves, it is the curiosity to explore and find new things mixed with the need for survival that drove evolution, which took the fished out the waters and the birds on to the skies. The same is going to take us across space, we have the curiosity to explore and the need for survival will arise sooner than later because we can’t hope to be safe in this planet forever.

Our vision is to be a part of this grand endeavor, to do things that no one has ever done before, to think new taughts and bring new things into being, and also to make others do the same. We know that this is no vision that could be achieved completely in a lifetime but we would be happy that we could be a part of it.

But as of now what we are just a small group of primitive cosmic beings living on a small planet which is itself ‘just a pale blue dot in the vast cosmic background’.