Human beliefs and complexities.

As a species, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to find meaningful patterns in the world around us and to make causal inferences. We sometimes, however, see patterns and causal connections that are not there, especially when we feel that events are beyond our control. Most of us compare ourselves to others. Mass media … Continue reading Human beliefs and complexities.

Is there a God?

  We all human believe in myths  and history. In a way we believe in God to fulfill our wish, but do you think he accepts or hear your wish. Why do things happen the way they do? We pleased immortals of the past, an alien or a more brighter human being than them. Similarly … Continue reading Is there a God?


This is a busy world running behind money who dare to think of their minds. What if its an illusion, the wall we see when we woke up, the people you see around, the money that you grab, the tech you used to read this, seems all a mystery. Each one of this can only … Continue reading WHY DO HUMANS BELIEVE IN ILLUSIONS?

The history of Human Evolution

Today, only one human species exist,  Homo sapiens. But over the course of human prehistory as many as 15 varieties of early human walked the earth. Though the number of species and their relationship to one another are not settled, it seems clear that the earliest hominids-a term that describes all humans who ever lived-took their … Continue reading The history of Human Evolution